What is branding or brand identity?

Branding is your business’ identity and defines you from your competitors and provides recognition for your customers. Alongside your logo and website it should represent you exactly as you wish to be perceived. Branding is the impression you leave behind.

Branding Creates Recognition

Investing in a company logo is the first step to encapsulating your business’ ethos. The logo will reflect your brand so keep it simple, striking and unique. It is the first thing your customers will notice and remember when it’s done right.

Branding Builds Trust

In the era of entrepreneurship, it’s easy for your business to get lost in the sea of competitors. A professional appearance, and well-thought out branding for digital through to print, will allow you to build trust with consumers, potential clients & suppliers.

Give the impression you are an industry-expert by making your business stand out from the copycats who use purchased generic branding.

Branding Supports Advertising

The identity of your business is easier to promote through advertising using a strong brand. Through television, print media or social media ads, consistent branding with a powerful voice will create a definable impression for your customers.

Branding Generates Customers

Referrals make up a large portion of sales for small businesses. With a memorable brand, along with the right marketing collateral (business cards, website, social media profiles), it’s far more likely your customers will refer your business on.