How To Choose A Business Card Design

Almost everything we do in business today, the way we communicate, share information or search for other businesses, is digital. But as always, the function of a business card remains.

The tangible experience of receiving a business card leaves more of an impression than an email or social media connection. And as an industry professional, handing out your card is an extension of your marketing. It’s something that people can keep at their desk, place on their fridge, keep in their wallets or share with anyone making your business easily referable and hard to forget.

Your business card design should reflect your branding and highlight your logo. You can choose a style by considering your industry, or you may decide to go outside the box to create a long-lasting impression.


Traits: metallic foil, serif fonts, textured card stock, embossing

Industry match: Hospitality, Law, Beauty, Fashion, Personal Branding, Real Estate


Traits: custom shapes, san serif fonts, embossing, photography, clean lines

Industry match: Media, Travel, Business, Marketing, Personal Branding


Traits: contrasting colours, uppercase text, monochrome patterns

Industry match: Fitness, Trades, Health, Industrial, Marketing, Real Estate


Traits: use of negative space, limited colour scheme, centred text

Industry match: Media, Design, Business, Fashion


Traits: use of colour & patterns, organic prints, calligraphy, illustration

Industry match: Fashion, Art, Hospitality, Marketing, Beauty