Websites may have been invented in the ‘90s but that doesn’t mean yours has to be stuck in that era. Just as branding is important for recognition and identity, a website that conveys professionalism to your customers must match your industry and grow with your business. It’s essential that your online presence engages all the modern necessities available in today’s world for new and existing customers to be able to use.

Five signs that your website needs a refresh:

1. It’s not mobile friendly

According to Statcounter, most consumers will pick up their mobile device rather than switch on their desktop or tablet. Having this user-friendly option on your website will entice more visitors to your website and encourage them to stay longer. A website that’s simple to navigate has a huge effect on user experience. A customer will quickly give up if they have to zoom in to read tiny print or struggle to interact with an item on the page.  


2. Your phone number and email aren’t “clickable”

Having a contact page built into your website is a given, so why aren’t you getting the leads? Because today’s consumers are predominantly mobile-users, the option to call or email your business directly from your website is key to encouraging potential customers to contact you.

3. No links to social media

Social media is an enormous part of today’s online experience. It’s often a one stop shop for many consumers. Linking social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to your business website allows your customers to find you easily with no need to go through the old-fashioned search engine.

4. Your design is outdated

Your home page is a new customer’s first impression of your business. If it’s looking tired and boring and is difficult to navigate, then it’s time to introduce your website to the 21st century.  A modern digital design that allows your customers to engage effortlessly is essential.

5. Your images are old

A picture says a thousand words. So, if the images on your website are still in the 90’s then that’s where your customers will be too. Updating the images on your website freshens your pages. Constant new imagery lets your customers and clients know your business is active and gives them a reason to keep checking back in.

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